Honda Odyssey 2012

Consumers can look forward to the release of the Honda Odyssey 2012 during the fall of 2011. Building upon the features consumers have come to know and love in the previous Odyssey models, model of 2012 saw the move from the second row seat allows the vehicle to increase Mobile car detailing Melbourne the maximum capacity of eight adults or as many as five seats properly secured child safety. Model 2012 will also feature a newly redesigned dashboard that will have a shelf to store various media devices like iPods, and some reorganization of existing controls.

2012 Honda Odyssey Perks
Honda Odyssey has an established reputation for performance, reliability and style. Model 2012 has all the standard features consumers have come to expect: front-wheel drive, colored rear window for extra privacy, cruise control, power windows, doors and locks, air conditioning, remote keyless entry, an additional plug for media devices, and CD player . While estimates for the price and gas mileage has not been available, they are not expected to change much from last year. Consumers can expect an average 18 City / Hwy 27 miles per gallon. It continues in a tight competition with some of the most fuel efficient minivan on the market today.

2012 Honda Odyssey Body Features
In an effort to create an Odyssey minivan, 2012, less stereotypical boring that everyone, not just the mother, would love to drive, Honda efficient exterior looks more like a sleek shape of the aircraft. Honda wanted to revolutionize the concept of the minivan and make it a vehicle that everyone will be proud to own.


2012 Honda Odyssey Against its Competitors
For consumers interested in a minivan, functional style, fuel economy, some other options on the market that offer competitive features to those of the Honda Odyssey 2012. The competitors are:

  • Toyota Sienna – The most features for the Toyota Sienna quite comparable with those of the Honda Odyssey, the second-row bucket seats lying and optional rear entertainment display. Perhaps one of the biggest selling-point for this vehicle is that today is the only minivan on the market that offers all-wheel drive.
  • Dodge Grand Caravan – The Dodge Grand Caravan is a minivan, more basic cost-effective with fewer accessories than the other models of similar luxury. Available second row Stow n ‘Go seating is a major selling point for those who need extra cargo space.
  • Chrysler Town & Country – The Chrysler Town & Country minivan is a luxury model more similar in style and functionality for the Honda Odyssey. It also features comfortable second row Stow n ‘Go seating.